A drawing of your (grand)children, partner, favorite artist, friend, or pet? It is the ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary, birth, or wedding, but also in memory of someone dear to you.


It begins with a phone call, so I can get a clear understanding of your wishes. Together, we discuss your idea, the size, and the material options.



On recycled wood, I create a custom portrait.

  • The patterns, cracks, and knots give the portrait an extra dimension of liveliness.
  • The portrait consists of layers of pencil and paint, creating visible textures and materials.
  • The background is abstract and colorful.



On white paper, I draw the portrait with graphite pencils. The maximum size is

50 x 70 cm.

  • The portrait is in grayscale.
  • Graphite pencils vary in hardness, making them ideal for deep shadows and precise details.



On light brown paper, I draw the portrait with wax colored pencils. The maximum size is 27.9 x 35.6 cm.

  • The different layers of pencil are blended together, making it look like an oil painting.
  • The portrait is lifelike.

Reference photo

To create a customized portrait drawing, I work with a reference photo. Make sure the photo is sharp and well-lit. Also, provide a few additional photos so that I can compare them.



I find it important that the artwork meets your expectations. Therefore, I involve you in my artistic process. I will send you photos of the progress, and before I start, I will create a sketch based on your wishes.


Multiple people


Do you want a drawing of multiple people or a background? Send me a photo. I can then assess the level of detail required for the drawing. After that, I will contact you to discuss further details and provide you with a suitable quote.


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Be the first to see my new artworks:


KvK nummer: 84913134
Btw-id: NL004036083B80